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Meta Force - Decentralized Matrix Affiliate System
Global cryptocurrency money-making system using an algorithm of instant profit distribution on smart contracts. Enjoy quick and easy profit with 100% referral commissions - paid to your wallet every day. Start today and become one of the first to discover the limitless earning potential of Meta Force.
Instant payments directly to your wallet processed by smart contract
Passive residual income stream with no limits on earnings
Automatic distribution of affiliate rewards running on Polygon network

The world of cryptocurrency possesses excellent financial opportunities and rewards for everyone. One of the most significant advantages of cryptocurrencies is that they eliminate the need for intermediary financial institutions. As cryptocurrency investment becomes more popular, more individuals adapt to this new investment medium since it is more convenient and safer.

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Meta Force Earnings Calculator
What is your initial investment in Meta Force program?
How many referrals do you sign up to your team per week?
How many referrals does each of your team members sign up per week?
What is the average investment of members in your network?
Your estimated income after two months is $1575 USD per week *
* Income examples are for illustration purposes only and are not meant to guarantee any level of earnings.
What is Meta Force?

Meta Force is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that employs an innovative DeFi matrix system to revolutionize cryptocurrency marketing and adoption. It achieves this by incentivizing the process of inviting new users to the system under the MLM marketing model. Meta Force is secure, transparent and resilient to external influences.

A smart contract is a self-executing program stored on a blockchain. It is a decentralized application that handles business logic in response to events.

It's easy to join Meta Force, engage with the community and make a profit. You only need a smartphone or a computer to get started. By inviting new friends and partners to your team and filling out the referral matrix, you create a sustainable income paid every day directly to your wallet.

In Meta Force, transactions are processed by a smart contract running on the Polygon blockchain and cannot be altered or stopped by anyone. Payments go directly to participants' wallets with no use of any third-party services. Every reward earned goes to the participant and can be used immediately.

How to Get SFC Tokens

Royalty NFT Program Pre-Launch

Meta Force is not Forsage

How does it work?

Meta Force is a matrix referral system using automatic distribution of affiliate rewards using a smart contract algorithm.

Meta Force has three matrix plans - Classic, Boost and UniteVerse, with the latter two still in the pipeline. Each has a different logic of placing the participants in the structure and distributing the rewards. Every plan consists of a number of levels, to which you can gradually move and get more profits.


The Classic plan is the simplest one. You can start with as little as $10 with this plan. The default auto re-activation function warrants unlimited earning potential.


Matrix s6

Two-level matrix
Income comes both from personal partners and from the spillovers of other participants.

Profit 300%


Matrix s3

Single level matrix

Fastest profits for active participants.

Profit 200%

In the s6 matrix, two payments in the 1st line of the matrix are sent to your sponsor, three payments in the 2nd line are sent to you and the last payment is used for the re-activation of the matrix.

In s3, two payments are sent directly to you and the third one is used for re-activation.

classic-matrix-fill.1f9202c02c6c349af8fb (1).png

The matrices are filled not only by your own referrals, but also with spillovers from above, your upline, as well as from below, your downline.

The Classic program has 12 levels of matrix slots - eight s6 and four s3 matrices. With the auto-upgrade feature, new levels are automatically activated so you don't miss any earning opportunities.


Activating 5 levels of slots in the Classic program will cost you only $310 ($155 during pre-start) and opens you an opportunity to earn $890 every time the slots are filled! Thanks to automatic re-activation, the matrices are filled over and over again.


On level 12, you get a whopping $40 960 each time the s3 matrix is filled!

Download Meta Force Classic Explanation PDF

How to start earning with the Meta Force?

Setup MetaMast or Trust Wallet, add Polygon sidechain network and fund the wallet with DAI stablecoin and some Matic to cover the transaction fees. Check Trust Wallet Meta Force Tutorial for step by step instructions. If needed, use Polygon Bridge or a similar service to transfer DAI and Matic to the Polygon network.



either in your web browser when using a PC or directly in the crypto wallet if you are on smartphone, click the 'Sign up now' button and connect your wallet. Make sure to use our referral code. Finally activate the Meta Force system levels.


Get your unique referral code in your Meta Force dashboard to invite new people to Meta Force. To get your own landing page or if you need any support, contact us at Telegram.


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Why you should use our referral code?

When registering at Meta Force, use our referral code F3UB4390JE to receive the following benefits:

1. Non-stop Telegram support if any help is needed

2. Opportunity to use website (with your referral code) as your own high-converting Meta Force landing page

3. Large number of upline spillover referrals from active team


50% discount on every slot during the pre-start phase will end soon.

Join the Meta Force now and start building your future.

Meta Force Referral Code: wAezJnCxQ0

Follow this detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to register in Meta Force.

Contact us on Telegram for more information and support.

All tutorials on how to setup and fund the wallet and activate levels can be found on the official website's

Academy page. is the most effective way to build a successful business with Meta Force and start earning big money. Learn more about Meta Force in our Meta Force quick overview article.


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